Areal (2010): Live documentation during Richard Garet's Artist-in-Residence at ISSUE PROJECT ROOM on November 20, 2010


Artist: Richard Garet            
Title: Area Year: 2010l  
Duration: Dimensions Variable                                          
Installation: 4 video projectors, fog machine, quadraphonic audio set up, digital video, audio composition       
This work may either be presented as a performance installation or as a looped installation.                                                                    

Areal is a work for active viewing and listening, with additional emphasis on physical reception through the utilization of light projections, sound, and fog to activate an enclosed environment. The work consists of enveloping the space with fog and having the 4 video projectors, placed in various locations of the room, display distinct colored lights consequently activating the atmospheric space by changing color dynamics and light pulsations over time. The projectors direct light in various angles creating distinct cones of light. The visitors find themselves inside of the work actively listening and viewing. This piece emphasizes the experiential, the sensorial, and the active-reception of the body and mind. Areal's sound is a composition that focuses on surfaces, gestures, differences, and distances among material and its phenomenology. It focuses on activating and amplifying expressive sonic manifestations of electromagnetic waves utilizing radio technology. All sounds used to make this piece emerged from interacting with objects, exciters, and extended techniques to activate sounds within the perimeter of the working table space. The outcome emerged from physical modulations and from establishing relationships that simulate social and spatial interactivity in the form of conversation, where what is voiced out is the result of colliding effects that are vacuumed by electromagnetic receivers from within the atmosphere of the working area.