in addition to his own artistic practice richard garet has been devoting his time and ideas since early 2004 to cultural production by organizing, facilitating, promoting, and curating shows, happenings, and exhibitions in the new york city area, focused on drawing attention to sound art, experimental music, video art, film, and experimental moving image. garet’s objective is to make accessible time-based works that are engaged with notions of concrete abstraction, media-experimentation, permutation, transcendence, light manipulation, sound, and background noise. he also takes into consideration space, materiality, process, spatialization, reduction, perception, experience, and function to name some major interests. in 2008 he founded the independent label contour editions making accessible publications in the forms of short-run editions taking shape as cds and dvds, and online projects as mp3s, flash movies, and other formats. garet’s label attempts to reach audiences on a personalized level while facilitating the independent and general distribution of sound and visual artists work. subsequently garet continues to create situations where emerging and established artists perform, install, or screen their work, often joining forces in collaborative efforts or through individual practice.

  current and previous projects:
_contour editions
_experimental series: ideas, process, material
_ula biennial
_nisus series